About us

The Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (RLE) is part of the School of Health at the University of Iceland. 

The Laboratory has been ISO 14001 certified for Environmental Management and ISO 45001 Certified for Occupational Health and Safety Management.(EMS 731515 OHS 731517). 

RLE employs 20 people and conducts a variety of forensic research for the police and the judiciary. The majority of RLE cases are the search and measurement of alcohol, drugs and drugs in biological and chemical samples.

A major factor is the interpretation and evaluation of measurement results and testimony in court cases is requested. RLE also maintains various types of pollution and toxin measurements in the environment and organisms.



RLE staff also teaches life sciences and toxicology at the University of Iceland. Scientific research is playing an increasingly important role in the Institute's work.

Researchers publish articles in international scientific journals, thus participating in the creation of new knowledge in their field of study.

Emphasis is also placed on giving future scientists the opportunity to participate in research through master's and doctoral studies within the University.

For information on vacancies and Doctoral studies contact head of department.